EPA Year 4 Story Day 18

Hello Year for and welcome to chapter four of our story, Billionaire Boy. It’s a slightly shorter chapter today, so if after you’ve finished you might have time to think of another interesting thing that Joe and his dad could do with fifty pound notes. Here’s mine: They rolled them into tubes and used them as pea-shooters. For ammunition, they would rip them up, put them in their mouth and use them chewed up as projectiles*.

*please do not try this at home (even if you happen to have the fifty pound notes to do it!)

Mr Brownlow’s ‘Quite interesting Internet Ideas’ Vol 8.

Have you ever wondered what the Earth would be like without the sun? The sun is a huge source of light and heat that affects our daily lives in many ways. Find out more in the link below. Don’t forget to try the ‘Wonder Words’ activity and have a go at the quiz.


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