EPA Group B English Day 19

Hello Group B! It’s Miss Wheeldon here. Welcome to day 19 and your English learning. Watch the video from me below to see what we are doing today.

First, let’s hear our poem for today. Click the link below and watch the first video to hear Oti Mabuse (from Strictly Come Dancing) read Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg. Watch carefully how she uses her voice to show the different characters.


I love how she uses her voice to show who is speaking. Now let’s watch Michael Rosen read his poem ‘Chocolate Cake’. Michael Rosen is great at using his voice, gestures and emphasis to bring his poem alive.

Did you enjoy watching those? I did! Poems are much more exciting when they are read out loud. It is important to use lots of emphasis to make them come alive.

Activity 1

Your first activity is to read the poem ‘Please Mrs Butler’ out loud, either to yourself or to someone in your family.

  1. Read it a few times in your head so you can practise sounding out any tricky words.
  2. Read it out loud, and try to do the voices for the different characters. You need a voice for the speaker who is the child, and a voice for the teacher. If there is someone else, you could ask them to do one of the parts.
    Here is a link to see the poem bigger or use the image below:

Watch me have a go here – I’m sure you will do even better!

Activity 2

Now we are going to practise some retrieval questions.

Retrieval questions will have the answer right there for you. You need to retrieve (find) the answers from the poem. Follow these steps:

  1. Read the question twice.
  2. Use your finger to scan the poem and find the key word from the question.
  3. Read around that word to find the answer.
  4. Use the sentence stem to make your answer.

Did you remember to speak in full sentences? I’m sure you did, well done!

Scroll down for the the answers.

Activity 3

Here is my example:

Further activities

Can you perform your poem or the original one to someone in your family? Remember to speak clearly and confidently, and do the voices of the characters!

And if you want to hear more poetry being read aloud, visit https://childrens.poetryarchive.org/explore/

You can explore different poems and hear them be read out loud to you, or you can choose to read along.

Well done on your learning today! See you next time.

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