EPA Group B Maths Day 35

Welcome to todays Maths lesson. Todays lesson we are going to be thinking about the concept of sharing.

You will be asked to share fairly some food at a picnic by identifying the correct fraction (part) that each person should get.

But first lets remind ourself about some key vocabulary mathematical terms about sharing and fractions. Watch the video below.

A Fair Feast – The Activity

Look at the image below, It is a picnic I made from things I found in my house and I have invited my toy dog and koala to share the picnic. There is a pizza, some blueberries, an apple, some cakes and drinks. I want them to share equally.

Use your best mathematical THINKING.. How are you going to solve this problem and answer the following qustions.

1. Can you work out what each of them would have ?

2. How did you work it out ? What maths did you do ?

3. Can you identify the correct fraction (part) that each person should get ?


What would happen if two more toys, cat and squirrel, joined the picnic ?

How could the picnic be shared fairly? Explain using mathmatical knowledge of fractions. You can use this sentence stem to help you.

“The whole is _____________, it has been divided into ____ equal parts. One _______ of __________ is ________________ each.”

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