EPA Group B Science Day 37

Welcome to todays lesson. We are going to be Scientists and looking at the concept of Forces. Watch the video below to find out what a force is. Then test your knowledge and complete the activity below.

Forces and Motion Key Vocabulary

All forces move something.

Push – moves something away from you eg. a swing in a playground

Pull – moves something towards you eg. closing a door

Twist – moves something either away from or towards you eg. opening or closing a bottle

The harder you apply one of these forces, the further the object will move.

Test your knowledge.

Which of these pictures represents which force ? Look carefully at the diagrams.

Independent Learning


Finding forces in your home – Push, pull or twist

Go around your home and see if can find any examples where you need to push, pull or twist something.

You could make a list or add it to a table like the one I made in the picture below. How many can you find ? You could also write out the words push,pull and twist on scraps of paper and test your family to see if they know what force is used on different items around your house.

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