EPA Group B English Day 39

Welcome to our English learning. Today we will be Identyfing and using Homophones.

Today’s learning includes:

  • a video to introduce the concept
  • a video quiz testing your knowledge
  • some activities to do independantly

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. They also have different spellings.Watch the short video below to find out more.

Test Your Knowledge Quiz

Activity 1: Match the Homophones

Match the correct spelling with the correct picture. You can point to images and say what number should be next to the spelling or you can copy these out, practising the spellings. For example: No 1 is it a bare or bear ? Find the correct spelling.

Activity 2: Find the Homophone

After you have the homophones for the above words you could you challenge youself and put them in a sentence. Good Luck !!

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