EPA Miss Wheeldon 29.06.20

Hello Year 3! Welcome to the start of another week. I hope you had a lovely weekend and feel ready for your learning today. Remember to use your gem powers! Today we have some reading, writing, maths and a story for you.


Today in writing we are recapping a very important skill. Watch the video below to see. There are answers at the bottom of this post to help you.




Sophie and the BFG are in London! Will they find the Queen?




E: Jousting was a game or sport where people tried to knock each other off horses with a long pole, called a lance.
R: Two forms of entertainment were… You could have said: chess, jousting, football, music, bowls, the theatre, or staging plays.
I:  Jousting seems a world away from today because people do not play that today and it seems quite dangerous.
C: I would like to….. This is your choice, just make sure you give a reason for your answer.

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