EPA Miss Wheeldon 06.07.20

Hello Year 3! Happy Monday, and welcome to another week of your learning. I hope you have been getting on well with the paper learning too. Remember to use your gem powers! Today you have some writing, maths, reading and a story video.



Today in maths you will need lots of gem power! Watch the video below to see.


The BFG and Sophie are having breakfast with the Queen! But where will the BFG sit?



E: Explain what a playwright does.
A playwright is someone who writes plays.
R: Find and copy the name of the town where Shakespeare was born.
Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon.
I:  Which adjective tells you his plays were extremely popular?
The adjective hugely tells me his plays were extremely popular.
C: Would you like to watch a Shakespeare play?
I would /wouldn’t like to watch a Shakespeare play because….. Remember to give a reason.

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