Parent Communication – Class Dojo

Hello everyone. I hope you are well. From this week, we are going to be using a new system to help us all to communicate more easily between home and school. We are going to be using an app called Class Dojo and I have recorded the video below to explain.

Starting right now, we are going to be using the Class Dojo app to communicate with families in school. Class Dojo is a very safe and secure way for us to send messages, pictures and updates to parents and carers, and for you to contact us as well. It is not like normal social media, because it is only used in schools. To access it, you will need a special code which we will send out to you soon. This means that only you can access information and messages about your child, and only members of your class community can see photos and messages about your class sent by the teacher. We will send you a message very soon with details on how to join. It’s really important that you do this. We will be sending messages out over the summer period with information about how we will return to school in September, and we want all families to know all of this information before we return. There are some links to useful information below this video. If you have any questions, you can call the school on 0117 377 3085 or email us on Take care, and we’ll see you soon.

Click here to visit the Class Dojo Website:

Click here for a link to download the Class Dojo app onto a mobile device:

Here is a link to the ClassDojo Privacy Policy for more information about data sharing and related issues:

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