EPA Miss Wheeldon 13.07.20

Hello Year 3! Welcome to the last week of term. I hope you are all looking forward to the summer holidays. You have done so well to keep your learning going, and I am very proud of you all 🙂 Today you have some writing, maths, reading and a story video.


Today in writing we are looking at a very important skill! Watch the video below to see:





E: Explain what the bright yellow markings are for.
Their bright yellow markings are for warning that they are dangerous.

R: What might a bee use its stinger for?
A bee might use its stinger for defence or to kill prey.

I:  Why has the author used the word vicious to describe bees?
I think the author has used the word vicious to describe bees
because… they have a dangerous sting/ their sting can hurt you.

C: Do you like bees?
I do /don’t like bees because….. Remember to give a reason for your choice.

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