EPA Miss Wheeldon 14.07.20

Hello Year 3! Welcome to your learning for today. Today you have some writing, reading and a story video. For maths you will need to spend some time on mathletics.


In writing today we are learning still about how to use apostrophes correctly. Watch the video below to see:


Hopefully you have been getting on well with the fractions. I have been on mathletics and added some more tasks if you need them. Remember if you can’t remember your log in, email the school and we can send it to you. Also, remember you can go on mathletics anytime to practise important skills!





E: Explain what a colony is.
A colony is a large group of bees living together.

R: What is a hive?
A hive is where a colony of bees lives.

I:  Why might it be good to work in a hive if you were a bee?
I think it might be good to work in a hive if you are a bee because… you are more protected / you can work together.

C: Would you like to be a bee?
I would/wouldn’t like to be a bee because… Remember to give a reason.

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