EPA Miss Wheeldon 17.07.20

Hello Year 3! Welcome to your last day of learning before the summer holidays! You have done so well with your learning, I am very proud of you. Today you have some maths, reading and a story video – where we finish the BFG! I hope you have a lovely, restful summer holiday. Remember, when you are back in September you will be in Year 4! Look out for my goodbye video. I have loved being your teacher and you have worked so hard, so well done on a fantastic year.


For maths today, you will need to log onto mathletics. I have added some times tables activities. Remember, by the end of Year 3 you should be confident in your 3s, 4s, and 8s. If you aren’t, use this time over the summer holidays to practise! Practice makes perfect as they say. The more confident you are in your times tables, the more confident you will be in Year 4.


Here as well are some good songs to help you remember the multiples of 3, 4 and 8.


Find out how the BFG story ends!




E: Explain who makes honey.
Bees make honey.

R: How many miles do bees have to fly to make 500g of honey?
Bees fly 56,000 miles to make 500g of honey.

I:  Why do you think humans wanted to have honey?
I think humans wanted to have honey because… it tastes nice/it’s very sweet/ they can cook with it and add it to food.

C: Do you like honey?
I would do/don’t like honey because… Remember to give a reason for your choice.

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