EPA Year 5 Learning at home Day 3 18.11.20

Hello and welcome to today’s learning. It has been great to see your learning being sent in through class dojo. I am going to keep posting them on class dojo at the end of the day so keep it up.

Today’s learning will be similar to our learning in school. It is important that you complete every task and send in images or a word document. This is because we will be using this when we are back in school.

Below you will find reading, writing, maths, PSHE and PE.

Welcome to Day 3:

We are readers:

We are writers:


Plan out your non-chronological report for the Romans. Create four subheadings and paragraphs with bullet pointed notes.

We are mathematicians:

We are Citizens:

We are athletes– no equipment! Get an adult to take a photo and send it in to class dojo.

We are listeners:





Send in the rest of Maths for me to check over!

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