Year 4 Learning at Home Day 3

Hello Year 4! Thank you to everyone who has been sending their work in over Class Dojo, it’s great to see all you effort. Remember to use your gem powers! Today you have some writing, maths, reading, PSHE and the first chapter of our story video.




Watch the video below and answer the questions.




E: Explain who runs the country.
Peru is run by a president and a national government.
R: How long does a president serve in Peru?
Presidents in Peru serve for five years.
I:  Why does every Peruvian vote in the election?
Every Peruvian votes in their election because it is required by law.
C: Choose two natural resources which are found in Peru.
Two natural resources which are found in Peru are (any combination of) gold, silver, zinc, copper, lead and iron.


  1. The temperature was cold because Arthur drew his cloak tightly around him.
  2. It was evening/night time because the sun had set.
  3. Arthur felt scared because he screamed and ran as fast as he could.

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