EPA Year 5 Learning at Home Day 4 19.11.20

Welcome to day 4 of Learning at home. Keep sending in the images and documents of your learning at home. Today, our lessons will be similar to a Thursday’s timetable. Below you will find reading, writing, maths, PSHE and History for today. I look forward to seeing your learning sent in.

Remember: practise your spellings and Mathletics. We will still do spellings tomorrow as usual.

Year 5 Together:

Marcus Rashford, who we have spoke about recently in our assemblies, is now launching his own book club for all children. Take a look here:


Your task today:

Take a picture of yourself reading a book anywhere in your house. It could be your favourite book or just one you are reading at the moment. Send them in to class dojo! I look forward to seeing them.

We are readers:



We are writers:

See the source image
See the source image

Support for layout if you need it

We are mathematicians:

We are citizens:

We are historians:






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