Year 4 Learning at Home Day 4

Hello Year 4! Thank you to everyone who has been sending their work in over Class Dojo, it’s great to see all you effort. Remember to use your gem powers! Today you have some writing, maths, reading, PE, Spanish and the first chapter of our story video.




Watch the video below and answer the questions.


Exercise along with this video and send a picture to show off your best moves!



E: Explain what Lima is.
Lima is the capital city of Peru.
R: What is the population of Lima?
The population of Lima is 9 million people.
I:  Would you need an umbrella in Lima?
You would not need an umbrella in Lima because it never experiences proper rain.
C: Choose a word which means ‘beautiful’.
A word which means beautiful is scenic.


  1. Deafening = loud
  2. Erupted = exploded
  3. Miniscule = tiny
  4. Petrified = scared
  5. Conceal = hide
  6. Vaulted = jumped over


  1. Altogether there are 928 toy cars.
  2. Together, the farmers have 1223 lambs.
  3. Over all three days, the grocer sold 680 bags of sweets.
  4. There are 1252 trees in the orchard.
  5. The man bought 2912 decorations.
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