EPA Year 5 Learning at home Day 10 27.11.20

Hello Year 5! Welcome to day 10 of learning at home. I am looking forward to discussing our learning at home when we are back in our classroom next week. Keep sending in all your learning at home through Class Dojo.

World Culture Week:

We will save our spellings for when we are back in the classroom next week. Let’s finish our world culture week with some words and phrases in Nepali.

Nepali Dance:

Answer these questions:

  1. What did you notice about dance in Nepal?
  2. When might traditional dancing happen in Nepal?
  3. What do Nepali people wear during their traditional dancing?

We are authors:


You have just travelled up to Mount Everest. Write a letter home to a friend or a family member explaining what you see on your travels. Use the below website to help and all of the learning from this week.


Did you include?

We are yogi’s:

We are mathematicians:

We are citizens:

Tackling racism (pt 1/2) – KS2 PSHE and Citizenship – BBC Bitesize

We are reflective:

Answer these questions:

  1. What did you like about learning at home?
  2. What did you find difficult during your learning at home?
  3. How are you going to use this to help you when you are back in school?

In school, we would usually have gem time on a Friday! Take some time today for you. Do something you enjoy doing and keep yourself safe.

Well done for all your hard learning this week! Have an amazing weekend and see you soon.

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