EPA Year 6 Learning at Home Day 10 – 27.11.20

Hello Year 6!

Welcome to our last day of Culture Week.

Make sure you get all your learning completed and sent in so, when we are back in school, we can use all this brilliant new learning to support our learning in the classroom.

Send photographs and documents using ClassDojo.


When we return to school, we will have tests with the spellings you have learnt. Here are all 40 words. Practice writing each word in your best handwriting.

Greek Culture Week -Vocabulary:

We are mathematicians:

We are mathematicians:

Here is a fun activity that uses palindromic numbers:

Make sure you have caught up with all the Mathletics activities for this week.

Class Story:

Gem Time:

On Friday, we would usually have Gem Time to celebrate our hard work. This Friday should be no exception.

Give yourself half an hour of ‘Well done” time. (Be mindful of others at home who are working!)

You have worked really hard and should have a chance to reflect on it. Have a great weekend!

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