EPA Reception Learning at Home Day 1

I hope that you are all ready to learn at home and show your family how much you have already learned in Reception class. Remember to use your sapphire power to do good listening and to concentrate on doing your best work. Here are some videos to help you. Start with phonics, then practise your handwriting ‘s’ and ‘a’. Take a break before watching the shape video for maths.

Listen to the phonics song and then we will practise some sounds that we know.

Have a break and then look at the next video. How much do you know about different shapes?

Watch the Numberblocks episode: Flatland. It will help you to learn about 2D shapes.

Now see if you can remember the names of the shapes. How many shapes can you find around your house?

Well done! You have worked hard. Now take a break and then come back and listen to the story of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. There is a challenge sheet in your Learning at Home pack to do after you have heard the story. Don’t forget to join in if you know the words and actions.

I hope that you have had a good day. Don’t forget to show me some of your work on Class Dojo.

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