EPA Year 6 Day 1 05.01.21

We are readers:


Here is your DERIC for today. You will find the answers at the bottom of this blog. Answer each question carefully.

Focus task:

We are authors:

For each of the sentences below underline the subject (s), verb (v) and object (o) and label them.

Once you have completed this task, Write the noun phrase or phrases in each sentence.

  1. The graceful dancer threw his arms into the air.
  2. On Tuesday, I ate a cheese and turkey sandwich.
  3. All the rooms had been tidied by the children.
  4. The confused crowd looked up at the aerialist.
  5. The decision was made by the group of judges.

Watch the video for a reminder:

We are mathematicians:

Addition and subtraction:

Long multiplication:

Short division:

Watch the video for a reminder of our methods:

Class Story:



D – play the audio below to hear the word




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