EPA Year 3 Day 2 Home Learning

Hello Year 3! I hope you are all well and ready for some more learning today. I know it is strange having to do learning from home again but I know you will all do your best.

Here is your learning for today. You should be receiving paper copies in the post today. There is maths, reading and some writing. I would love to see your work, so please send me a photo on Class Dojo! And if you have any questions at all send me a message. Good luck!


Today in maths we are looking at numbers and deciding which is the bigger number.

You will need to use < for less than, > for greater than, and = for equal to.

Remember – the crocodile eats the bigger number!

So 13 < 35. I know this is right because 35 has 3 tens and 13 only has 1 ten.

563 > 123. I know this is right because 563 has more hundreds. It has 5 hundreds but 123 only has 1 hundred.

125 > 115. I know this is correct because although they both have 1 hundred, 125 has two tens but 115 only has 1 ten.

Here are some trickier ones if you are needing a challenge:


Today for your reading you will need to find the text all about football.
Read the text carefully, ask an adult to help you if you need it. Then, try to answer the questions. Remember you may need to retrieve (find) the answer in the text! Scan the text with your finger to look for the clue word.


Today we are practising some spellings. Remember to use your cursive letters, and keep your letters on the line. To be at Year 3 level for writing, you need to write with joined up letters all the time! This is really important learning.

Make sure your ascenders h, t, l, k, b, d go up high.

Make sure your descenders go down below the line – y, g, p, j.

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