EPA Year 6 Day 2 06.01.21

Good Morning.

A portfolio task has been set up for today’s learning. Please complete your work straight onto the portfolio task.

We are readers:


Focus task:

We are authors:

Copy these sentences and circle the relative pronouns:

  1. The class that was at the end of the corridor was the loudest class in the school.
  2. That man picked up the rubbish which had been left on the floor.
  3. Which way shall I go to get to the shop that sells computer games?
  4. The lady, whose cat was missing, was putting up posters.
  5. Whoever took the chocolate, that was left on the table, was in big trouble.

Change the relative clause in each sentence.

Watch the video for a reminder:

We are mathematicians:

Addition and subtraction:

Long multiplication:

Long division:

Here is a short video reminder of our class methods:

Class Story:






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